My Brothers & Sister

Tahj's brothers and sister are too young to write for themselves so I am going to write for them.

Tahj's youngest brother is five years old.  He loved Tahj so much. He would lay on the bed with him and watch cartoons or movies. Tahj thought he was so funny he would crack up laughing at his brother. He would act so goofy and dance do all kinds of stuff to make him laugh.

When Tahj died he was only 4 and too young to understand. He would go to the casket and try to wake him up. He said "Why won't Tahj wake up?  I am even tickling him and he won't wake up."

He is in preschool and already plays basketball

Tahj's sister is 8 years old and she also loved her baby brother so much! She is the only sister he had. She would get up in the bed and lay and read to him. Tahj's eyes would light up when he saw his brothers or sister and he would get a big smile on his precious face.  A smile I will never forget or a smell we will never forget.

His sister loved to hold him when he was a newborn; well they all did.

She is a smart little girl and does real well in school. She is a cheerleader, goes to gymnastics, girl scouts and now she is in piano lessons. 

His oldest brother liked to just lay there with him and do nothing. He just wanted to be close to him. He is older than the other kids and he understood more than they did. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with him.  He realized he wouldn't live too long.

He plays basketball and he also does well in school.

It was heartbreaking watching the kids look at Tahj. I could see the sadness in their eyes. They loved him so much. It was so hard to tell them that their baby brother was going to go home soon to be with Jesus. He was an angel sent for a short time.