About My Mommy

I am Tahj's grandma Sue, and his mommy's mom. I would like to tell you a little bit about his mommy. She loved Tahj so much she sacrificed so much for him. She read to him and would lay on the his bed with him. They had special time together.

She was so dedicated she never wanted to leave him even when the nurse was there.  And when she did leave him she had a cell phone and she would call the nurse constantly, or the nurse at the hospital. She hardly ever left the hospital. Every time he was in there she never would let anyone stay the night to relieve her for a night. There is going to be a letter that a nurse wrote at Brandy's funeral and it is so much the truth.

Brandy was only 24 years old.  She just turned 25 years old the month we lost Tahj. We all wondered how someone so young could go through what she was.  She could do all or more of what the nurses could do for him.  

Tahj had a trach and Brandy said she was the only one to change it. The nurses that were LPN's didn't change it, because of her orders she gave them. She had a paper taped up on his wall of things for them to do.

Brandy took such good care of him. He had such a severe case of type 1, SMA. Her care for him prolonged his life. the doctors never thought he would live to be 17 months!  She always knew what signs to look for. At home he was hooked up to all of his machines and they alarmed very loud.

Brandy always kept his car seat in the front seat beside of her.  So she could keep a good eye on him.

She never hesitated to take him to the ER or the doctor's.  There were times he was in distress so bad, that his bed would shake. Brandy rushed to the hospital to keep an eye on his Sats, he had a pulse ox. And she would have to bag him, give him breaths while she was driving. With a thing that looks like a bag with a pump, for those that don't know what it is. She had to watch to make sure he wasn't turning colors.

I live real close to the hospital and a couple times I would be there. I would go in and get a nurse and tell her about Tahj and that they were on their way to the hospital. This was the first time he went to that hospital after that they all knew who he was. After the doctor checked him out and hooked all the machines up he would tell the nurse let his mom take care of him. He knew how good brandy was with him and she was more familiar since it is such a rare disease.

Tahj loved his mommy so much. The room would light up and he would get so happy when she entered the room!  And if Tahj could have ever talked he would have told you he had the best mommy in the world!  He would tell you all how silly she was. And how she could liven a room up at all of our family get togethers.

Brandy was so lost without Tahj. Her whole life revolved around him for 17 months. She gave a lot up. She looked so tired and worn out a few months towards the end.

Brandy my daughter, and Tahj's mommy died 3 1/2 weeks after he did.  She was stabbed to death and brutally taken from her children, mother and everyone that loved her so much.

Two people she knew went in her apartment and took her life. I often wonder why did she have to go through all she did.  Seeing Tahj suffer, hold him in her arms and rock him until he took his last breath. And the she was taken by the devil so shortly after we lost Tahj.

She took care of him for them months and when he passed, she was going to do something good to benefit children like Tahj.  She wanted to go to respiratory school. I wonder why God didn't stop those devils!

Those animals will stand trial in May for what they did to my daughter. They have been in jail since within a week after her funeral.

Tell your children you love them and hug and kiss them. Every chance you get. We are not promised tomorrow. I didn't get to say goodbye but the last thing I said to her on the phone a few hours before she was taken Was "I love you, and goodnight."

I listen that song "I can only imagine"    And I think of you two and the first time you seen Tahj laugh out loud, walk, run and talk. I also imagine it about my Grandma Fuller that died 3 years ago. I picture all  of them together. But that don't ease the pain.

Brandy and Tahj I love you and miss you. I ache for you every waking moment I have. And so do your kids and everyone else.

This is my mommy Brandy's obituary-click one time to read.


This page was read by a respiratory therapist that came to Tahj's mommy's funeral.  Click one time to read.