Tahj's Photos!

Brandy was pregnant with Tahj, we were at Myrtle Beach.



Tahj laying in his crib


Mommy holding Tahj, he was newborn.


Tahj's mommy reading Barney to him-He loved barney


Tahjs brother, Austin and Taymon, his sister Ciara


Tahj after his bath this is before he had his trach put in.


Tahj Akeem Cooke, 4 months old.


Tahj's mommy holding him, His 2 brothers in the front and the  rest of them is his cousins.


Tahj rolls his eyes back when he wants something.  The king is wore out from his birthday party he gets tired so fast.


Tahj's mommy holding him.


This is Tahj's first birthday.



This is Tahj and his big sister Ciara.